About Me – Chris Marsh

So my name is Chris Marsh, and I am a Full Stack Applications IT professional.

My official title is “Senior Web Application Developer”, but I barely ever write code any more, because I am usually busy helping others on the team, or redesigning something.

My actual duties include the following:

  • Deployments Admin
  • Automation Engineer
  • Application Developer
  • API Architect
  • Systems Architect
  • SystemV Developer
  • Varnish Admin
  • Code Reviewer
  • Github Enterprise Admin
  • Splunk Admin
  • Nexus Admin
  • Jenkins Admin
  • Linux Admin
  • Akamai Admin
  • Director’s Personal “I need this fixed now and no one else can do it” person
  • DevOps Advocate
  • SecOps Advocate
  • CI Engineer
  • CD Engineer
  • AWS Developer
  • Load Testing Engineer

Every day I run into new and interesting problems while working, and I finally decided I need to write it all down somewhere. I used to have a pile of post-it notes floating around my desk with notes scribbled down all over them, but this was unsustainable.

A few of my co-workers, as well as others in IRC channels I frequent, ask a lot of times how I figured something out, and well, instead of throwing post-it notes at them, I decided to start blogging my days at work.

So, here you go. I hope someone out there finds this useful.

Here is a gif of a cat.